Kevin Taylor attacks Sarkodie over Sammy Gyamfi [watch]

Kevin Taylor attacks Sarkodie over Sammy Gyamfi [watch]

Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor, has attacked rapper Sarkodie for wading into tweets by National Democratic Congress’ Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi.

According to him, if he has something better to say he should rather compose a ‘diss’ song for the New Patriotic Party to demonstrate his neutrality.

He made the suggestion after the rapper decided to dabble in the trending infamous meme which was shared by Mr Gyamfi and which has drawn fury from some Ghanaians. Sarkodie asked Mr Gyamfi to delete the post because it was in bad taste.



“I support what Sammy Gyamfi posted and if you don’t agree with him just compose a diss song. You better find something better to do with your career instead of asking someone who made his point about the EC to delete his post. What do you mean?. You better keep quiet because we know where you are aligned Sarkodie. Leave Sammy Gyamfi alone,” he said.

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One thought on “Kevin Taylor attacks Sarkodie over Sammy Gyamfi [watch]

  1. I’m in support with Sammy Gyamfi’s comments because truly when we see negative behaviors of Country , we have to talk about it, to address the issue , because somebody has to stand up and talk about it we can’t just keep quite and watched the negativity going around the country as if we are def, I’m speaking from South Africa I’m King rocky that’s my comment and I’m new artist please watch out my new single coming out soon ( Brown Skin Girl )

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